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Re: Swiss people. The masters of passive aggressive notes

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You're trying to disprove a generalisation with individual cases, unfortunately it doesn't work this way. Trying to turn it into a personal thing isn't helpful either - the category women is distinct from the person that is you.

Stating facts (Ok, what I believe to be fact) is entirely different from putting blame, you're misinterpreting. Facts stand for themselves, they can be disproven. Blame on the other hand is a moral term, as well as victimhood, a category I didn't even touch in passing. Actually I prefer to leave that to the modern feminists, it appears to be just about the only base they have for their hogwash.
Generalisation: all ravens are purple. One black raven is enough to disprove that.

Hogwash? Er... I‘m tempted to use equally nasty words here, but then there‘d be no chance of reaching you. Given your level of resentment, I fear there is none anyway. „Modern feminists“ are not only self-proclaimed victims but also people like Ruth Bader Ginsburg. If you find the BŁezer article ridiculous, read up on the story of Prix Courage winner Natalie Urwyler, an anesthesiologist who suffered a miscarriage while on call. Or does the name Larry Nassar ring a bell? Or did you ever hear of stories like the following? There are more things in heaven and on earth... It‘s not all black and white and not all modern feminists are the idiots you make them out to be. Of course it would be neat if we didn‘t need feminism any more, but there it is: we do.

PS to the OP: sorry this got so off topic. I resolve to let it go.

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