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Early retirement to the UK : LAMal and NI contributions

Hi all,

Planning to take early retirement and return to the UK in a few years, after many years in Switzerland.

The vast majority of my pension is going to be Swiss. I do not have 10 years of contributions in the UK and won't receive a state pension. I am aware therefore that I will need to pay the LAMal for health care even during retirement in the UK. Fine, this is an agreement between the UK and Switzerland and it's normal that we pay our costs since we haven't paid NI contributions all these decades.

My question concerns NI contributions. As I plan to retire early, before the state pension age in the UK, will I be liable for NI contributions in the UK even though I'm paying the LAMal in Switzerland ? I can't find any information to confirm that I wouldn't need to pay double, which would of course be unreasonable IMO.

I believe I'll be taxed on my pension income in the UK, not at source, but I haven't figured that out yet.

Any insight much appreciated. Thanks.