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Re: Early retirement to the UK : LAMal and NI contributions

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But you tick two or more boxes.
"recipients of a Swiss pension who are domiciled in an EU/EFTA country are required to take out compulsory Swiss health-insurance cover"
That's me.
Fair enough.
"Persons in receipt of a pension from their country of residence must take out health insurance in that country."
That's not me, I don't have 10 years of NI contributions and therefore no UK pension. But, thanks to the post from Island Monkey I will pay my Class 2 volontary contributions and hence obtain a UK pension. So yes, once done, this is also me.
You'll get a UK state pension (once I've paid my missing years).

"Persons in receipt of pensions from several states (but not from the state in which they reside) must take out health insurance in the country in which they have the longest contribution record."
You'll get a UK state pension.
This was my situation. Switzerland being the longest to which I've contributed. But by paying my class 2 contributions, this is no longer applicable.
And from that French article:
Obligation to insure in Switzerland

  • You get a pension from Switzerland (AVS, AI, AA, PP) and you transfer your place of residence to an EU / EFTA state and
  • You do not get any pension from your new state of residence and
  • You only contributed for these pensions in Switzerland or the insurance period was longer in Switzerland than it was in another EU / EFTA state (it is in Switzerland that the periods of insurance must be the longest)."
so much the same.

What am I missing?
Basically when I first posted I knew I didn't have a UK pension, having only 5 years of contributions. So I would therefore have needed to pay the LAMal. But since discovering that I can backpay class 2 contributions to make up years and obtain a UK pension, I will tick two of the boxes like you say. Today is a good day
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