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Re: RAV / Interim Earnings/ Einzelfirma

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Thanks! This is really helpful.

Could you embellish a bit about the last part?

I am just a bit confused overall by the concept of 'interim earnings'? What is the difference between having normal interim earnings vs being 'self employed'?

I would rather stay on RAV than become self employed as I don't think I'll have that many customers, I just happen to have 1-2 consulting like agreements that I can do right away.

I have some experience with this, but still find it confusing. My impression is that they consider someone who is self-employed along the lines of a plumber with multiple customers. Self-employed is a legal status. The concept of freelance work where you have occasional clients as an interim solution doesn't seem to fit in the boxes here. This article may help provide clarification on the difference between self-employed and independent (just found it now!):

If you work while unemployed you complete a form "gain intermediaire" (in French) where you declare your earnings - either as a salary or income you receive from consulting in your case. The RAV would then supplement any difference in earnings.

I also registered with the AVS to be on the safe side and obtained independent status despite only have a few clients. They will probably be in a better position to advise you and whether to give you "independent status", which some employers may request. I would not set up a company as this will remove your rights to unemployment benefit.

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