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Re: UBS Card Reader Rant!

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I also dont find UBS very user friendly.

I need the UBS banking app for normal banking things. I need the access app to access my account online. I need the twint app to pay for things.

Then I need my UBS banking card to withdraw money, my credit card to pay for things online, and my card for the card reader to also access online or pay for items from unknown payees.

So I need 3 cards and a reader on top of 3 apps. HSBC I can do all of that with one card and one app.

Access app only works if you have a data connection. So if I was overseas and using a computer connected (physically) to the web and didnt have any data connection for my phone, I am unable to connect to the online banking. Likewise if you get the authorisation message on your phone to approve payment

I think they could streamline it all.

And wait till the e checks for key clubs come into play. They really arent fit for purpose compared to the paper checks...but thats another story.

How I love UBS
Is always good to hear feedback specially as my job is user acceptance testing.

TWINT is not UBS to be fair. Is a Switzerland thing used by several banks. At least you can parking now with TWINT.

One insider info: 2019 Digital banking received no Change the bank budget (meaning new features unless regulatory) and why:

Back Office of UBS was priority. Swiss (means swiss residents) customers love paper: UBS receives millions of letters every year. They want printed paper.

In this forum i can imagine is all users that are digital

PS: you can laugh but a critical functionality of each screen in ebanking is the print button
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