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Landlord trying to scam the nachmieter I found

So two months ago I decided to move out and get a bigger place. I can only move out two times per year, and the dates were problematic, so I set about finding a nachmieter.

I call my landlord, and we have a discussion about what I should put in the advert. I advertise it at 1000chf as this is what I pay now. He makes absolutely no comment on the cost and suggests using homegate. He sends me an advert for a very similar apartment two floors above mine, as a template for my advert.

So I create the homegate ad, spend many hours organising, tidying, preparing and cleaning. I even spend a few hundred extra on homegate and tutti as I want out ASAP.

Within a week I have 5 people who have viewed the apartment and loved it. They immediately send in their application.

He selects a tenant and all goes well. He tells me I should prepare to be out by the last week of September.

After making all the preparation for this, I now hear from the new tenant that my landlord won't send over the contract yet. But he is asking her to pay the deposit now. Of course, she says no. But he won't budge. He makes excuses that the contract is worth nothing anyway until the deposit is paid. Or that the person he employs to prepare the contract is on holiday...

The lady seems to think my landlord will raise the price on the contract after the deposit is paid. I suggested that she asks for him to send an email stating the price of the apartment as this should be binding in some way, and she says she did last week, and he has not responded.

I spoke to him at length yesterday about this, so he's obviously playing some sort of game. I feel this deal is about to fall through and I'm going to be left paying two rents.

Is it ever usual to pay the deposit without seeing a contract?
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