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Re: Are the rules of decency on EF also applicable to pms and red rep messages?

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Why is it actually not allowed to post them?
Naming and shaming might really help in case of insults sent privately so that we all can get to know the sender a bit better.
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I agree. Naming and shaming people who send insulting posts might make them behave a little better. Mostly these people are too timid to say things like this in real life, but anonimity turns them into some sort of animals. I hope if a mod gets to read these messages, and they turn out to be that bad, the sender should be banned.
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I agree. Whoever has been threatening someone in rep should definitely be named and shamed. Totally unacceptable.
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Because someone decided a while ago that "private" means not to be published elsewhere, and therefore if you do publish private messages sent to you, you get a slap on the wrist or a ban.

Personally I think the rules is daft and cannot see the point of it.
It's pretty clear in the forum rules.

"Rules on abusive messages apply equally to private communication via Private Messages or Reputation comments. If you receive abusive messages via these channels then please report them, either by clicking the PM "Report" button, or by sending a PM to a moderator.

When reporting posts, private messages or other comments, please expand or refer to the rule that it violates. If you think a post is trolling, tell us that and why, especially if it is not immediately obvious or is a possibly obscure reference. Reporting posts brings problems to our attention and even if you think no action is being taken, we do take note of every single report.

Expectation of Privacy
Any communication sent via Private Message or Reputation Comment must not be posted or quoted in any publicly viewable area without the permission of the sender.

Note that Visitor Messages posted to a user's profile are visible to anybody viewing that profile.

Reputation Comments are not publicly viewable and can be read only by the recipient and the moderator team."

And to say the rule is silly is imho - silly. Every forum/discord I've been on has exactly the same rule: private messages stay private and are only shared to the moderation/administration if they break forum rules. It's their job to decide how to deal with such posters, not you, not me, and naming and shaming will only add to the toxicity of this forum. Let the mods/admin deal with it in private and keep the forum itself clean from such behaviour. We seem to have enough disagreements as it is without adding more that can be dealt with in other ways.