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Re: Should Dependent Spouse request for independent B?

Have highlighted for you below.

I encourage you to read the SEM guidelines which provide more detail on what is considered as a graduate of a Swiss university

And for the third time yes a family regroupement permit is durable

It could be you were never really admitted to the Swiss labor market and are just a dependent of your wife (who is a student), which would allow work on a non-quota permit but whose stay is dependent on her PhD salary. This could cause problems the moment your wife graduates

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Yes, I did read that, but I don't see anything about having to "graduate".

Un étranger peut être admis en vue d’une formation ou d’une formation continue aux conditions suivantes:2

la direction de l’établissement confirme qu’il peut suivre la formation ou la formation continue envisagées;
il dispose d’un logement approprié;
il dispose des moyens financiers nécessaires;
il a le niveau de formation et les qualifications personnelles requis pour suivre la formation ou la formation continue prévues.


Les séjours temporaires ne sont pas pris en compte dans le séjour ininterrompu de cinq ans prévu aux al. 2, let. a, et 4. Les séjours effectués à des fins de formation ou de formation continue (art. 27) sont pris en compte lorsque, une fois ceux-ci achevés, l’étranger a été en possession d’une autorisation de séjour durable pendant deux ans sans interruption.

Here it doesn't say you have to graduate from a swiss university, just that you have to have a durable permit 2 years after having been admitted for formation.

I find it strange that postdocs are formation visas anyways, but that's a different matter.

But my main question is: Is my family regroupment permit "durable", if my wifes permit is formation?
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