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Re: Should Dependent Spouse request for independent B?

Sorry, back to original questions.

Our Questions are:
1. Is this business as usual - happens all the time or something very specific and takes loads of documentation / process?

In my experience it is very difficult for them to take you off a family regroupement permit. I tried unsuccessfully a couple years, from my understanding you have to give up your family regroupement permit, leave the country, then apply the normal way for a job and meet the hiring requirements, then move back to the country.

2. Will her getting a B permit (from another Kanton) be an issue in our stay in current kanton ? because of kids school, my job etc we dont want to move) or would this disrupt the C-Permit/Passport length stays?

Your permit is from the canton you live in, not the canton you work in.

3. If I loose my B permit - would I still be eligible to stay on dependent on spouse's B permit and continue same or any other job?

Why would you lose your B permit and continue the same job? Once you have a B permit you keep it. But no, from my understanding the primary permit holder needs to get the permit.

4. Is there any other factor to consider +/- ?

I simply think you can't do it without leaving the country and deregistering.
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