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Re: New to Switzerland and investing - help needed!

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I recently moved to Switzerland and would like to invest my savings.

I'm looking to invest into a managed portfolio - I'm not interested in picking out stocks directly by myself.

I'm 31 and I'd like to invest on a 5+ year horizon. I don't have plans to buy property anytime soon.

To complicate matters further, I have a chunk of cash saved up in EUR and a bit in GBP. Given the strength of the CHF, I don't think it's a great idea to convert these at the moment.

Can anyone recommend any suitable investment vehicles that would cater to my requirements, especially maintaining a portion of my investment in EUR and GBP? From what I gather, Swiss banks charge ridiculous fees. Any cheaper online platforms that I should consider?

Hi. I'm also 31 and quite recently arrived in Switzerland.

Point number 1 would be don't worry about which currency your investments are held in. If (say) the pound underperforms over the next five years with Brexit, and you hold a global portfolio you will have a higher % gain (in pounds) that somebody else who held the same global portfolio in a different, strengthening currency would. Does that make sense?

That said, there's no reason to change your GBP and EUR into CHF in any case.

I have a Degiro account in both CHF ( and GBP ( The fees are minuscule and transparent, and the app is user friendly. Its also possible to open an account in Euros ( You can buy various investment trusts in Degiro.

I have Smithson Investment Trust,, Pacific Horizon Investment Trust (emerging markets), Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust and Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust, all from Bailie Gifford These are all denominated in , but you could use your euro or CHF account to buy with pretty low exchange fees (0.1% IIRC).

There are a limited number of funds available in Degiro, and I don't have any. The main fund I am interested in is Fundsmith Equity, which is British, but also allows a Euro based fund You can make your GBP or EUR account directly with Fundsmith.

Fundsmith Equity and Smithson invest in solid, no nonsense, resistant, brand focused companies and have a fantastic track record of long term growth.

The Baillie Gifford stuff is more tech heavy and high risk, although the returns have been very strong also. All are worldwide except for Pacific Horizon which is East / SE Asia except Japan basically.

Its worked pretty well for me so far.

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