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Re: New to Switzerland and investing - help needed!

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There are a limited number of funds available in Degiro, and I don't have any. The main fund I am interested in is Fundsmith Equity, which is British, but also allows a Euro based fund You can make your GBP or EUR account directly with Fundsmith.

Fundsmith Equity and Smithson invest in solid, no nonsense, resistant, brand focused companies and have a fantastic track record of long term growth.
Smithson is an interesting fund for sure and has its niche. But FEF is a large cap dinosaur whose performance is mostly explained by its tech/growth tilt. If large tech/growth companies is your thing, you'd do better buying QQQ (0.20%) or MGK (0.07% TER) than rushing to pay 1% of your assets to Mr. Smith. FWIW FEF underperformed QQQ by a *lot* in recent years.

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why do they make it so hard? I have a postfinance account, which is expensive but other than that it's fine, it uses SwissQuote in the backend.

I have a SwissQuote account that I'm not using as they have 3rd level cards distributed on paper every year (sorry, no thanks)

I have a Raiffeisen account for my personal checking balance.

All 3 of those have a different set of funds available, and usually nothing what I wanted to buy, why? Where to go if I want to access everything online and do things myself?

PF as well as Raiffeisen is just a web interface for some human to punch in my trades into another system.
Mutual funds are not exchange traded, that's what makes it so hard. It's all down to which mutual funds your broker has business relationship with. There's no central party involved (an exchange) through which both brokers and mutual funds can make deals with each other, unlike for stocks and ETFs.
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