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sms subscription

has anyone experienced a subscription deal over sms? yesterday, i received an sms form salt, who is my provider, to click a link to get a deal for switching to a better salt subscription at lower cost, with no early retention cost.

the sms came to the 'salt' contact, where i receive other salt stuff such as activation notification. also, the sms started with my surname, so, it looked legitimate.

the link is of the form, which directs to it looks like sandsiv is using as url shortener.

i did not hear about sandsiv before, but it looks like they have an office at technopark, zurich. and they list salt as a client, which is mentioned in a few google search results like this. apparently they provide some customer services for salt. it could be all fake, or, not.

anyways, the sms said the offer ends today, so, i called salt customer service in the morning, and they said, they do not have such an offer. it may be spam.

now, being the curious guy, but not a cat, i wanted to see whether the link will ask credit card number or something. so, i tried it on a desktop computer. it forwards to a website. choosing 'accept the offer', and clicking 'next' brought a page asking whether my email is correct or a i want to provide new one. the displayed email address is also correct. when i press 'next', it simply says

Thank you very much for your order.
The contract will be sent to your address in the coming days.
Your Salt Team

now, since it did not ask other information, except confirmation of my email, it may be real. it feels a bit elaborate for email address confirmation. yet, salt customer service was not aware of it on the other hand. there may be something fishy.

i filled out a contact form on salt website just in case. the actual customer call center is very slow to respond, so, until i get a response from them, i thought the mighty wise EF may have an answer. so, do you think i might have agreed to sell my organs, by clicking a link to agree updating my subscription?

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