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Sportclinic, Schulthess-klinik what next?

This forum has been helpful to me so maybe I can get another perspective from someone

I am very active guy, have been all my life. Carrying zero extra weight and in very good shape for someone about to hit 50! Around 1.5 years ago I got some ITBS issues on my left lateral knee due to too much mountain trail running and fitness in general, overuse maybe (ok definitely).

As I am not running currently the pain on lateral knee is not there but pain has moved to lateral left thigh, lateral left hip and lower left back region. I also feel a snapping/clicking feeling, medial left knee. I have tried everything from more strengthening to stretching to foam rolling. I can be pain free for 1 week then with pain for next 2 weeks. Round and round the cycle goes.

Sitting in front of PC makes it worse so I get up every hour and stretch but that has not provided any long term solution. Long hikes are killing me too. Not during the hike but next few days. I just have not been able to solve the issue nor run. Aim was to solve it and get back to mountain running but now I just want to get rid of the pain so I can live more normal again! Technically I can go running but for next few days I will have a sword stuck in my lateral hip/thigh kind of pain. This for a guy who was easily running 10-20km every day for fun.

In last 1.5 years I have taken two breaks from fitness to rest the issue, 3 month break and a 2 month break. Both times rest = increase in pain

Since this issue started I have been to following docs-

Sport-Clinic twice- The doc each time tested my knees and hip joints "violently" and thoroughly with the various physical joint test manoeuvrers and also ultrasound.

Each time the conclusion was that I have normal knees and hip joints. Lot of tightness on my left side and scar tissues in the muscle. No inflammation of the Bursa. More stretching and core strengthening. I have been stretching constantly with zero long term improvement!!!! I can't make my core any more strong anyway!!!! Doc said zero need for MRI or X-ray. It is soft tissue and not bone joint related.

Schulthess-klinik - Doc did zero manoeuvrers to test my joints. One poke with finger on my back only. He did MRI of my left knee and X-ray of my hip. Left knee he said looks normal, cartilage etc all ok. Medial left knee clicking/snapping feeling could be due to inflamed plica. Hip joint "maybe" slight arthritis. He wanted to do ultrasound but machine was occupied. He said get back to running in 6 months If I still have pain then come back. Then COVID came. 1 year later zero improvement and I definitely won't attempt to run.

There you have it. Don't know which of the specialist to believe. My symptoms don't seem to match hip joint arthritis as I can sleep on that side, no morning stiffness, no difficulty bending down, full joint flexibility. Actually I am very flexible overall. On the other hand soft tissue not fixing for almost 2 years is bit weird too????

I am planning to see a next specialist! Maybe the higher up doc at Schulthess-klinik or shall I try somewhere else?
Btw I also visited 2 Physios.

Physio 1- Said I had lot of tightness on the left lateral thigh. Gave me some stretches to do and told me to foam roll. Which did not help. Wanted to do needling I gave it a miss.

Physio 2- Said foam rolling and needling are waste of time and not clinically proven. Gave me a strength routine. Which I did, maybe helped more than the first physio but not really problem solving worth.

If you made this far, you deserve a medal So what should I do?

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