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Re: Sportclinic, Schulthess-klinik what next?

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If you made this far, you deserve a medal So what should I do?

I think you're just feeling the signs of age, TBH. Many people start to develop various aches and pains at your age, often for no apparent reasons.

I have pains all over, all he time, some of them specifically related to old injuries (I broke my back and all my ribs some years back, never been the same since) and some of them just seemingly random.

The fitter and more active I am, the lower the pain levels, and the less likelihood of them becoming acute, but when they do I reach for the ibuprofen without hesitation (at least, when I notice it, which isn't always straight away).

Just occasionally something will flare up to agonising levels, when I reach for the opiates to enable sleep, which is the great healer.
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