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Re: Should Dependent Spouse request for independent B?

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My husband and I have very similar situation about application for C permit. He is here already 10 years, has a German certificate and other required documents, working last 2 years on my B permit, so family reunification (I am PhD and EU citizen, he is non-EU citizen). We will try as well for him that he gets C permit. Please, if you already tried it, let us know how all passed. I keep the fingers crossed.
All the best!
What were the previous permits / status during the past 10 years of your husband?

Given that your stay as a PhD is temporary, so is his (as your dependent).

As an EU PhD, assuming you work more than 15 hours per week, the moment you obtain a work contract (of more than 12 months) outside of university your PhD years will retroactively count towards C.

For your husband it will depend what his previous stays were but in any case art 34 al 5 cannot be applied so long as you are still on a PhD / student permit
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