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Re: Buy prescription medicine in Switzerland

Sorry to hear about your mother.

I have been a cancer patient in Switzerland myself and it is a very involved process that requires a team of doctors to make a diagnosis and follow your progress (oncologists, radiologists, radio-oncologists, general practitioners, the list goes on), plus regular blood tests, radiation- or chemo-therapy (if necessary), etc. etc. etc. In my cases there were also check-ins with nurses and medical geneticists. They don't just hand out medication and tell you to come back in a few months if you're still feeling a bit off, the surveillance is constant. I am almost certain no doctor would hand out a prescription for cancer drugs to a patient they are not following on a regular basis. It is challenging enough to manage the care of one cancer patient in the context of one hospital, trying to manage it across international borders, with language issues and differing medical systems is nigh impossible.

A colleague of mine was in a similar situation to you, he tried to have Swiss doctors coordinate with his father's doctors in Eastern europe, but the treatments and technologies available in his home country were so basic (not even an endoscope to perform visual internal exams) that he ended up flying his father here on a regular basis to have his treatment in Switzerland. There was some success, but the flights and treatment were 100% paid out of my colleagues pocket. This was not cheap.

Your best bet might be to contact a cancer clinic directly with information about your mother's diagnosis and as them what treatment options they might be able to offer her as a foreigner. Foreigners receive cancer care here on a regular basis, I'm sure the clinic can advise you what the standard procedure is.

Best of luck,


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