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Re: Should Dependent Spouse request for independent B?

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Have highlighted for you below.

And for the third time yes a family regroupement permit is durable

It could be you were never really admitted to the Swiss labor market and are just a dependent of your wife (who is a student), which would allow work on a non-quota permit but whose stay is dependent on her PhD salary. This could cause problems the moment your wife graduates.
Is there a way to tell if I was "admitted to the Swiss labor market" or not? I have family regroupement avec activité, does this mean I was admitted to the job market? Is there such thing as family regroupement sans activité?

My wife got the call a few weeks ago saying that she wasn't eligible for a permis C yet and a letter in the mail refunding the difference in cost for her permit, they said they will renew the B at the moment until the end of her renewed postdoc contract (again he company has tonnes of funding through the university so she is paying employees, including herself, through university post doc contracts.)

I have gotten neither a call nor a letter of refund so I'm hoping I am still being considered for a permis C and that my family regroupement is considered durable, despite being regrouped with someone on a formation permit.
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