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Re: New inheritance law. (2020/21)

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If you don’t have a will, who knows? If you do have a will you can include a provision that you want your estate dealt with under the laws of your nationality (or state/province/regional area/whatever) The Swiss generally accept this ...
Well I don't have a will because unless you have a complex inheritance (children from previous marriages, a lot of properties, etc) the Italian law is one of those very prescriptive.

50% of my stuff goes to the Mrs., the other 50% is split between all direct heirs (again the Mrs. and any children): so another 25% to the Mrs. and 25% to my son. With a will (under the Italian law) I think I can do something with 25% of the non-Mrs., in that case she would get 50%+12.5% and the kid 12.5% (the kid doesn't get a lot but then he would get all the stuff from mummy unless she remarries). The other thing you can do with your will is allocate your properties "smart": instead of leaving two houses 75-25 to the wife and kid, you could leave 100 of one house to the wife and 100 to the kid if the second house for example has a lower value.

However, good to know. I was planning in any case to write a will as they say it still makes thing easier even if you split everything according to the law.
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