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Re: Debt Collection agencies in Switzerland

Thanks for this. Situation was this: Basically a locksmith repaired a lock on a door of a house that I manage. After a week or so the lock failed and the locksmith sent the lock off to the manufacturer for repair/reset. This literally took more than 6 months. This was not successful, so a new cylinder was installed by said locksmith. I contested the cost of the bill (Chf 740+). They said this was normal and we had a back and forth. I never recieved any rappel/manung, only the original bill a second time, and no claimed interest, while I was still trying to negotiate. Then the debt collectors bill arrived will all the charges and interest owed. So I just thought "I don't need this sh&t" and paid the orginal. I don't see why I need to pay the debt collector anything. Am I making sense? Can they now legally come after me for interest, which was never mentioned, and for the fact that I never received reminders?
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