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Re: New inheritance law. (2020/21)

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Well I don't have a will because unless you have a complex inheritance (children from previous marriages, a lot of properties, etc) the Italian law is one of those very prescriptive.

50% of my stuff goes to the Mrs., the other 50% is split between all direct heirs (again the Mrs. and any children): so another 25% to the Mrs. and 25% to my son. With a will (under the Italian law) I think I can do something with 25% of the non-Mrs., in that case she would get 50%+12.5% and the kid 12.5% (the kid doesn't get a lot but then he would get all the stuff from mummy unless she remarries). The other thing you can do with your will is allocate your properties "smart": instead of leaving two houses 75-25 to the wife and kid, you could leave 100 of one house to the wife and 100 to the kid if the second house for example has a lower value.

However, good to know. I was planning in any case to write a will as they say it still makes thing easier even if you split everything according to the law.
Wait, so if my husband dies, half the house goes to my kids? Does that mean the kids can force me to sell it? This doesn't sound great.