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Re: Zurich enge vs pfaffikon Schwyz

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Saving money as a single guy on 180k + bonus isn't easy... are you taking the absolute piss? Also, Boris has had divorce settlements and child mantenance to pay... so unless you also have an ex-wife and a few kids then your situation is nothing alike.

Just based on what you have said it seems you have been living on the edge of your means, spending way too much on rent and thenwhatever else it is you do with those thousands in your free time (I can guess ). It's nothing to do with how expensive Switzerland is, as many earn people earn less than you and still save multiple thousands per month.
Either you are being funny or you do not understand

Monthly salary is 15k which after tax and pension leaves me with 11k

My Zurich flat is 4.5k and I have to pay just the interest component on a Uk London apartment which is 2.5k plus utilities. That just keeps the capital the same rather than amortise the Loan

By basic maths you will see that I have 1k a week for everything else including food restaurants clothes Gadgets car travelling and everything else. This is not much in Zurich where a haircut is 100
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