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Re: Trump or Biden .Who you got?

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And that's another perfect example of how Trump can (and does) say anything and his supporters will instinctively believe him and never question the validity or truth of his statements.

Biden has been a US Senator since the 1970s and served as Vice President for eight years during an administration that lifted America out of a recession, saw a significant drop in unemployment rates and helped bring affordable healthcare to more Americans than any US President has ever done in the past. Biden wasn't one of these "sit back and do nothing" Vice Presidents. e.g. He played a significant role in healthcare reform as Vice President.

And during his 36 years as a US Senator (having won re-election SIX times), one of his major accomplishments is his introduction of the Violence Against Women Act, which reformed penalties for sexual assault and domestic abuse and was then signed into law.

And what exactly has Trump done for women? Oh, that's right. He wants to grab them by the pussy.

And what exactly has Trump accomplished during his four years as President? Oh, that's right. He's tried to take credit for an economy that Obama set in motion. He's also lied to Americans about the real threat of a virus that has, so far, killed over 200,000 Americans. And now, as an added bonus, he's encouraged white supremacists to arm themselves and "stand back and standby" during what is essentially a civil right's movement.

Biden has dedicated the majority of his life to public service. Trump has dedicated the majority of his life to taking out huge loans that he then refuses to pay back and creating the illusion that he is a successful, rich businessman when in fact, he is severely in debt and any wealth he displays is borrowed money. He also claims to love America and yet pays as little in taxes as possible, claiming that it means he's "smart," when in truth, it really only means that he is extremely greedy.
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