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Re: Trump or Biden .Who you got?

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You make it sound as if Trump's thick skin made him POTUS. It is probably true.

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Trump's major error was failing to condemn the white supremacist groups that his own intelligence agencies label as the highest terrorist risk in the US, this will not win him middle of the road voters.
I suspect that Trump's failure to condemn white supremacy was more an illustration of his lack of command of the English language than a genuine expression of his stance on the subject.

Chris Wallace asked Trump if he was prepared to denounce (or condemn, or whatever term he used) white supremacy. Trump seemed to say yes, then asked what Wallace wanted him to say, asking him for a name. Wallace suggested that he tell groups such as the Proud Boys to stand down. (Edit: no, it was Biden who suggested the Proud Boys, a couple of times.) Trump then duly stated that the Proud Boys should "stand back, stand by". I'm guessing prepositions aren't Trump's strong suit. Same for, you know, English words in general.

But of course, after the ensuing celebrations in white supremacist circles and the amount of time that's passed, it would now be impossible for Trump to take that statement back with the simple explanation that he "misspoke". If he has even realised by now that he did.

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I was initially responding to your comment: "For Biden to even have kept his cool like he did in the face of such an outrageous display is impressive. Many people would have exploded or walked off the stage." The point is that Biden should have the qualities to handle it, it is not an exceptional quality to have as a presidential candidate, it is the bare minimum that one should be able to keep one's cool
Agreed, any President of the USA needs the basic strength of character to stand firm in the face of aggression, whether it be warmongers in the Middle East, Khrushchev banging his shoe on the desk, or some boorish, uncouth asshole in a debate. Remember, the POTUS is also the Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces. Along with the required strength of character, that's one reason why so many presidential candidates have served in the military—the current two being exceptions (along with two who won the office, Obama and Clinton, in recent years).

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Is there anyone here on EF that is actually going to vote Trump?
(Queue tirade of "I'd rather call across hot coals than vote for that *****")

Otherwise the constant onslaught against him is pretty much a waste of time
No, I'm going to vote Biden, probably a few times. Apparently it's really easy to game the system with mail-in ballots.

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