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Deafness and masks - help via information cards

Mandatory masks/face coverings currently make a Deafies (deaf person) life much more difficult, than generally it already is.

Regardless, if someone is 'only' hard of hearing or completely deaf or suffers from any variety of hearing loss inbetween.

Those masks (which are a good thing per se!!) separate us even more from the general public, since we need to be able to see the face of the person opposite to us, to discern that they talk to us.

And especially for those of us who rely 100% on lipreading as I do.

Countless are the times, that I tried via gestures and asking the shop assistant/bank teller/post office clerk etc, that they should kindly lower their mask to make it possible for me to understand them...sadly quite often to no avail.

Since almost 40 years I carry this set of cards with me in my purse and they got used at last and now help a lot in daily life outside of my home!!

I recently enquired about them on behalf of a friend who's hard of hearing and would like a set too and learnt that those cards are still available.

For free at PRO AUDITO (and associated organisations), page is sadly only available in German.

Nowadays they've a slightly different design to mine on the photo, but mine were issued almost 40yrs ago......

They are still printed front and back (german /french and italian/ english), are the same size as a credit card and are made of a sturdy material.

Nowadays, when I need to talk to someone, I 'flash' my card (imagine a police officer on telly who identifies himself ) and communication is a tad easier with normal hearing people,yet there are still some who think it a joke and don't comply......

I have been known to then take out one of my hearing aids, point to it and amuse thusly the entire post office.........but in the end it did the trick.

The ignorance of some people , sometimes really beggars belief!!!

Voluntary SWISS shoe -horn to Expats since 1999, do I get a medal now?
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