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Re: Mandatory masks/face coverings -> Deafies -> help via information cards

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It's easy to see that life has become even more difficult for the deaf and hard of hearing in corona-times. Once we're told, that is. As I don't know anybody with this handicap I must admit I didn't think about it before today.

There is a lady in Germany who partly solves the problem with a special mask and a vest with the same print on it.

Also there seem to be apps now that translate speech to written text. Here is info about the one by google that seems to have been updated recently. Have you heard about those? (Probably, I guess).
Yep I knew about this, I am fairly well informed about most things 'deaf' since it it concerns my daily life, I like to know what's around to be of help to me to keep on leading as independent a life as possible.

I for one wouldn't want to wear a mask or T-shirt like that. For me it is a bit too much 'in your face' (but I don't deny that it is a good idea all the same), perhaps it is the Swiss in me, that I wants to be in general a bit more discreet and only when desperate use blatant measures to get the opposite person to behave according to my needs.

The voice to text apps are a good invention, but curley imagine; you're at check out in Lidl.....where they scan your items at lightining speed, behind you is a queue and due to the cashiers unwillingness to lower their mask and enable you to lipread, you then would have to fiddle with such an app to get what the cashier says.......cue nasty remarks and evil looks and the like.

And those evil looks happen/ed also in non-COVID times, when you dare to hold up a queue or so. My kids were many a time witness (they all have impeccable hearing) of nasty remarks, when I needed to ask:" Can you repeat that,please?" for the 3rd/4th/5th time.....
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