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Re: Maintaining small house & living in the lower mountains questions

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Hey Axa, I had already posted that video on post #20, do keep up

Here is one example of a village in danger. If those rocks fall, the whole village will be buried. No more new construction is allowed but people still live there

Experts want to build a protection dam but the attitude of some in the community-

"You make an elephant out of every mosquito"
"Stones have fallen for centuries, we don't need a geologist to tell us that"

Village president-
"Last 40 years no one died but every year 2 dozen die in swimming pool accidents, should we close down all swimming pools?"

I can't make my mind if they are very stupid backward people or really smart

EDIT- Due to permafrost thawing /climate change I think the equation is a bit more complicated and more dangerous than before and will only get worse!
This thread started several days ago, don't remember the video, sorry

It's really interesting to compare the drownings in pools or rivers with landslides. Usually only 1 person drowns per incident. Tragedies that take over headlines are 1 person trying to rescue also 2 dead people per incident. In contrast, a landslide in Goldau buried ~500 people back on 1806.

You're right about climate change. Ice thaws during the day, water flows into the fracture, freezes once again during the nights and we get those spectacular rockfalls.

About the villagers not worrying about the rocks hanging over their heads.....well, if a big landslide comes and the village disappears, there's nothing to worry about, they're all dead. No mourning families, no one is accountable anymore because there are no survivors. From that perspective they will never suffer the death of a loved one, everyone's gone at the same time. Nothing left but inspiration for future artists.
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