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Health insurance no's look bonkers, sure it's possible to spend that much if you try.

Depending on your passport living in ZG/SG might be a better bet.

Well, wikipedia puts the average cost of the compulsory health plan at 396CHF/month (in 2014). This seems in line with various online searches I did. So for two people that's 396 * 12 months * 2 = 9.5k. Do you disagree with this figure? My 12k estimate comes from being a bit conservative and choosing a 500CHF/month plan, but in the overall scheme of things, this bump won't move the needle.

I thought about Zug, but I'm not very keen on a long commute, at least at first (I do this now). Part of the allure of moving to Switzerland is the increase in quality of life, and I don't think spending 1-2 hours traveling each day is worth it to me. Btw, I have a EU passport - why does it matter when choosing where to live? Is it difficult for non-EU to live and work in different cantons?

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Is your HK apartment really 1000k less? In my experience it is the other way round.

Yes, it is admittedly unusual. After living centrally for a few years, I moved out to an outlying island and currently pay the equivalent of 1800CHF/month. I now have twice the space (70sqm), a giant rooftop terrace and a spectacular mountain view that I will be sad to lose. (ok, "hill view"!)

For about 70sqm with some outdoor space, I'm hoping I can get something for 2500-3000 in Zurich - but even that might be tough to find. And a lake or mountain or at least some kind of open green view would be nice... probably dreaming though!

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Why focus only on take-home pay? A few pension points:

- I wouldn't count it as a deduction, the money is still yours
- The company will pay a pension contribution, you should add this in, not sure if you currently get that

Say the company adds 7.5% and you don't treat your 5% as a deduction, that's a 12.5% increase over your calculation (even if you can't immediately take it).

Completely fair, thank you, but unfortunately the numbers are probably not as in your example. Currently, I pay in 3.5% and company pays in about 7%, so ~10% total. I don't know the pension contributions in Zurich yet (thus my question mark on that line), but I expect it might be something like 5% employee and 5% employer, so similar to the current status. Hope to find out soon.

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I used the basic calculator myself, not quite at that level of pay but probably comparable - and the result is 40% higher than I actually pay. I guess this shows the deductions can help a lot...

Can you elaborate? You have so many deductions that you've reduced your tax by 40%? Is that realistic?

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