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Contesting a rent increase of 14% in Zürich


We would like to hear experiences of people that has contested their initial rent upon starting a rental agreement.

We just arrived to Zürich —at the end of June— and we also just moved to a new apartment —at the beginning of October. We are really new to the business of renting an apartment around here so we almost just signed all the papers they send to us with the rental agreement without looking too much, not to mention that we don't speak German yet, so we have to manually translate them.

Anyhow, we figure out now —reading the documentation carefully, AKA the initial rent form—that the previous tenant of our apartment was paying an almost 14% less than we are paying now. We've contacted the Mieterverband and I had an appointment with them and they encourage us greatly to contest the rent before the arbitration authority —and before the end of the month— since it seems that there is no reason for such a rent increase. There have been no improvements in the apartment and just the regular refurbishing (sanding the parquet and painting the walls) or they told us that.

Our question is mainly aimed to know the opinion around here about the topic of contesting the initial rent and if it's something you should always do if the rent increase is more than 10%. We also want to know experiences about that and if anyone faced any consequences afterwards from their landlord for contesting the rent.

Thanks in advance!
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