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How much stuff do you need to move? How about staying in an hotel/AirBnB here for whatever remaining time you need? And yeah, talk to your employer about the possibility of working from the UK if that can be done.
We already have a moving company quote we are just waiting for the date they can move our stuff

My work will definitely allow me to work from the UK until the end of the year, Iím just unsure if thereís consequences with my b-permit and working. I canít change the address on my b-permit to a UK registered address but I wonder if I set up mail forwarding to my UK address and if the cross over is just one month will that actually matter?

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I would go third week of November and tell you are leaving the country Dec 31st or thereabouts. It takes a few weeks to do the whole tax clearance process etc.
You set up post forward to your UK address for the real date you leave so any mail finds you.

You then go register in UK as of Jan 1st.

From the Swiss side I do not see issues. It's not like you need to leave on the exact day of deregistration.

Only UK side you would need to check as I am not 100% sure.
This is exactly what I was thinking, one consideration is that my b-permit is registered to my current address and I wondered if thereís any issues just leaving that address on there setting up a forwarding address for my mail and not being at my registered address for the last 4 weeks but iím really unsure of what to do there as I will be a month with technically no address.

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Do you have to deregister in person?

Surely a letter would be fine, in which case you can send it from the UK at the appropriate time.

Could you use your work address for correspondence, and get someone to open and scan anything important?
When we checked we were told you had to do it in person, I wonder if they are letting people do it online during COVID times, I could check that again thanks

I really hate that so much stuff in Switzerland has to be done by paper work, you should be able to do these things digitally!

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