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Re: Leaving but still employed

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Hey everyone,

I’m a long time listener, first time caller. I’m in a bit of a complicated situation...

I am on a b-permit here and need to de-register and move back to the UK (I’m a British Citizen), sounds pretty simple right?

Here’s where it’s complex, I am finishing my current role December 31st but I will need to move out of my apartment in November as my contract states I can’t move in December.

This means I’ll need to move back to the UK in November (It could be mid-November). So, I may need to de-register whilst still being employed in Switzerland for the remaining few weeks without a permanent address.

Does anyone know if this will cause any issues or have any advice? I’m struggling to find the information I need online
Maybe i got wrong but why you need to de-register before you leave work.

You just need to leave the flat.

PS: to be more clear, if you said you have a new job you need to register in uk soon. If you continue here why to register in UK before 2021? Brexit?

I am doing the other way: To be released from all contracts i said 31th October (i am not working since 30th september) but i will be around until end of year
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