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Maybe i got wrong but why you need to de-register before you leave work.

You just need to leave the flat.

PS: to be more clear, if you said you have a new job you need to register in uk soon. If you continue here why to register in UK before 2021? Brexit?

I am doing the other way: To be released from all contracts i said 31th October (i am not working since 30th september) but i will be around until end of year
That makes sense! What I meant is if my residency ends before my role here ends does that cause issues, do you know if that would be a problem?

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I highly recommend getting all the Swiss paperwork 100% in order, at all the relevant offices, before leaving Switzerland.

This includes de-registering, and also closing and paying anything else outstanding, such as tax if applicable in your case, ending contracts for internet and phones, subscriptions to anything, memberships, pension moneys, health insurance, other insurances, making arrangements with your landlord about when your remaining deposit/heating bill will be refunded or a top-up payment required from you (could be up to one year from now) etc.

You might also find some helpful advice in these two threads:

Any part of this that you do not do properly before you go will come back to bite you, one way or another, afterwards, and will end up being a great deal more work when attempted from abroad.
Thank you so much for your help! I called today and found out in the current climate you can de-register online by filling out the form digitally, emailing it back and paying online to get your confirmation letter that allows you to cancel all bills so it may not be a problem to head back mid-November Iím hoping!

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I think for one month you will be fine. Saw now someone said deregistration can be done max 30 days in advance. In this case I recommend you get an Airbnb for a week and sort yourself out and leave say 7th of Dec?

Do all the cancellations you can do without your confirmation of departure ahead of time (i.e. telephone, electricity etc). Do health insurance when you have your departure papers.

Post forward for 3 months (or more depending on your affairs) is a good idea just to tie up loose ends.
Great advice, thanks so much. I think I may leave earlier as I can de-register over email. I called the office today and apparently itís not a problem to do so as I wouldnít be able to travel back to de-register because of quarantine periods for travelling from the UK!

However the post forward is a great point, thanks

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