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Salt - a carton box for 25 francs

A couple of weeks ago I cancelled my home internet contract with Salt 2 years into it. Awful customer service with long waits and wrong invoices.

So, according to the contract, I had to return the router. According to the contract I signed, section "appareils": "A l’expiration du Contrat, vous devez restituer les appareils non endommagés à Salt dans les trente (30) jours suivant la fin de la durée. Si vous ne restituez pas les appareils, les câbles et les accessoires ou les restituez endommagés, vous devez payer un dédommagement conformément à l’information produit se trouvant sur"

For non-french speakers: "when the contract expires, you have to return the undamaged devices on the 30 days that follow the contract expiration. If you do not return the devices, the cables, and the accessories, or return them damaged, you have to pay a penalty in accordance with the information on the product found in"

So, here I am, happy to change provider and leave this people behind. I go into the store with the router, the cables, and all accessories. In mint condition. Then the guy produces a sheet with the prices (which I could not find in their website) and starts ticking off the returned items, until he reaches "box".

He wants me to return the original box, or pay 25 francs for the lack of it. A carton box for 25 francs.

I point out that nowhere in the contract does it say that I needed to keep and return the carton box. He doesn't care. I insist and he directs me to salt's customer service number, which I call in his presence and after 30 minutes waiting for someone, finally one of the agents answers. He also ignores me, but again I insist that he needed to check the contract that I signed.

His final answer? "a box is a device" (appareil). WTF. And the store agent? "I cannot accept the returned items unless you pay in full the 25 francs; if you decide to not return any of the items, then Salt may force you to pay additional penalties".

I'm tired of big companies ignoring contracts and law, it only applies to them when it is you who has to pay.

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