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Re: Salt - a carton box for 25 francs

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then why, other than 'just cheap and fast'?

(n.b: i wouldn't use them in any case, even though they are 'cheap and fast'; am just curious)
See below for the "why" ...

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Personally, my entire experience with Salt has been and is great. Since I'm happy with their service I haven't had the need to return their gear, apart from when the router was upgraded to some new system - then I simply walked in with the router and power cord in a paper bag, handed them over, and received the new router. Since Swisscom had a similar "must be in the original box" condition when I returned their gear when I switched to Salt a couple of years back, and I had kept the box, I have kept the Salt box on hand.

Checking my (German) contract, it does have the phrase, "in the original packaging" when mentioning returning the bits and bobs on contract termination. The staff in the store were being nice to me when they took the old router back in a paper bag ... but also having checked, I still have the original box for that one as well (currently in use holding silicon moulds for dice).

Sounds more like a problem with the Röstigraben (split between French-speaking/German-speaking Switzerland) than a Salt issue. My local Salt store staff are always amazingly helpful (to the point of offering me deals I didn't know about which save me money on monthly contracts and provide more compared to the service I have asked for) and customer support, both online and on the phone, has been painless and effective.

I would recommend that people use Salt, and not just because it's cheap and fast - at least in my area of Switzerland!
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