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Re: Google antitrust

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Ive never said that. I said that the search works. Based on the profile they have of me do they manage to get me the relevant result. Basic example which I just tried: I know there is a Thai restaurant called "Bangkok" in Luxembourg. With google I search for "Thai restaurant Bangkok" and since google knows where I usually am will it automatically list first the relevant restaurant for me. Duckduckgo first lists the best Thai restaurants IN Bangkok followed by restaurants called Bangkok purely based on their page rank - how popular and good the page is. Apparently a Thai restaurant in the US state of Indiana as well as a chain of restaurants by the name across half of the US have better websites than the one in Luxembourg.

Could I make a search string that would find me the relevant information without googles profile? Yes. Is it worth my time? I dont think so.

I know the Internet well enough to find stuff that isnt listed with google. But for 99% of the time does Google do a brilliant job. And I am totally fine that they make money from advertisement and managed to bring a whole lot of old advertisement companies out of business. The only problems I have with them are:
1. If the targeting of the ads go too far. Im fine that some advertiser wants to find people based on my demographics. I would be less fine with it if say a health insurance would use it to "adapt" the pricing based on what google knows I spend elsewhere.
2. If Google uses their power badly. For example when they list results of their own market place to shop before the manufacturers website. They know exactly what I am looking for but want to guide me to a service they earn on instead...

In short: Peanuts compared to the ethic issues I have with Facebook.
I wonder what your results would be if Google owned a Thai restaurant in Luxembourg called something other than Bangkok? Or if said restaurant paid google to be placed first ...
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