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Re: C permit situation. EU

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If I'm in RAV when my permit comes up for renewal do I stand any chance of getting a C?
Depends on cantonal practices. In principle no but if you are from one of the below nationalities (and depending on how many RAV days you have left) then maybe as these countries have binding international agreements for C permits after 5 years of non-temporary stay:

Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Denmark

But if the canton's prerequisite is an indefinite contract then I see slim chances.

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If I'm working on a short-term contract when it comes up for renewal, do I automatically get a B again or I can still apply for a C, considering that I've been here 6 years?
Depends on cantonal practices. If you have been unemployed for a continuous period of 12 months or more during your 5 year B permit stay and even if at renewal time you have an indefinite contract, some cantons do not issue C permits directly (same applies to settlement agreement countries) and issue a 1 year B permit instead to check your stability in a years time.

Also the right of residence of EU/EFTA citizens may be revoked when it comes to unemployment as detailed below:

To answer your question, if at renewal time you have a short term contact of less than one year or a temporary triangular contract via a recruitment agency of any length of time, L permits are usually issued (again depends on cantonal practices). Hard sell for a C if not on an indefinite contract, especially if required by your canton.

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