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Re: Is life ultimately a sinking ship?

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Size of the boat plays a part too, small boat = more choppiness

I have been told that 250k salary smooths out the choppy sea, 120k makes the sea bearable, anything lower and sharks are constantly biting at your feet
It is a matter of mindset. Those aren't sharks. They are normal life happenings and shinenigans. When you were a kid, parents protected you from those, you were on a learning curve. Then you were proud of fending for yourself, challenges were welcomed. You took lost little battles as normal development, an opportunity to grow. What changed now? Where is the self faith?

The waters around your ship are as interesting as ever. If something prevents you from seeing joy that is everywhere around you..maybe you need to discover what it could be.

I enjoy your poetic language, btw. Metaphores and imagery.

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Life's not going to improve so better go on a semi high........that's a curious standard to take a decision. I'd say it's the starting point, the logical conclusion is to kill oneself.

What if we apply the standard to other situations? My business is going well, better leave now, later it may go bankrupt. Marriage is happy, better kill myself now before the relationship goes awry. My (future) children are happy and healthy, better exit now before one of them has a tragic experience. The sea is calm, the sun is shinning, better jump overboard before the ship is caught by a storm. I don't know, cannot say what it lacks, but something is missing.
'Half-full' (at least half) is missing. I like your logical argument.

Our logic is faulty though, it doesn't take affective self into the account.

I feel a lot of loneliness in people here. Discipline, self sufficiency and solitude.
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