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Re: If you rent two homes, where do you pay tax?

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A change of canton means you owe taxes p.r.t. according to the respective tax regimes, i.e. only December would be covered by the lower rate. Rest assured that, at the latest, with your de-registration in January the critical question of your “Lebensmittelpunkt” (centre of vital interest) would crop up.
Very unrealistic, your scenario
Thank you.
Are you sure about this?
The person who originally told me about moving municipalities was a tax advisor that prepared me for immigration. They said that if I register currently in Zurich, and then move to Freienbach before the start of December, I will pay all of my 2020 tax in Freienbach (or more precisely, submit a tax return claim based on Freienbach taxation). They claimed it's a general rule.
But according to what you are saying, when I move to Freienbach I am supposed to pay taxes in Zurich first?

Also, does this work per canton, or per monicipality? For example, what if both location A and B are in Canton Swiss, but different municipalities?

Finally, what if I BUY in location B, and rent and live in location A. Does the ownership give me a stronger claim to be tax resident in the B municipality compared to A, even if I spend less time there?

Did no one attempted before this consideration? Given the vast difference in tax between some places I doubt I am the first one to think of that.
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