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Re: Moving to Denmark: anybody moving the other way :) ?

Thanks everybody for your replies and your suggestions .

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Trying to think out of the box (pun intended), what about looking at a Danish shipping company that works for a Danish manufacturing company from that area who ships things to CH. They might have an empty truck going back and would appreciate some €€ to cover the return costs. So rather than looking at a proper "moving company", you look at a transportation company from the area. Use your flexibility on timing to your advantage.

You would probably have to prepare all of the items on plastic wrapped pallets though.
I also got told to look at something like Schöni transport.
I was also thinking that some logistic company could "drop" a container (or 2) here in the parking lot, I fill it in, they bring it to rail/road and do the trip. Probably by rail it would be much cheaper (Lörrach - Hamburg is anyways possible, maybe even more direct for rail cargo ?).

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Thinking out of the box, how about reducing the amount of stuff that you need to move, to absolute minimum? (Don't entirely agree with Marie Kondo's obsessive and expensive minimalism but she is onto something)

These guys can rent you just a truck with a driver, too. They operate internationally but based in CZ.
Somehow I agree and I would also like to get rid of some libraries, CD storage "towers", bookshelves, etc. But I don't want to give it out for free. It's on (as well as here I believe) but it's not selling. People are ******** really, expecting everything for free. It's a huge amount of time to follow up and lots of ******** offering less than half the asked price. I don't have the energy to deal with that ****. I would like to get rid of 50% of my furniture though.

If I lose it (and soon will) I just take the hammer, smash everything, pay 50 CHF at the trash site for the wood stuff and screw it all. Already planning on trashing some quite old 160cm x 200cm x 25cm mattress.

Do you have an idea of how much these czech guys cost? The website is only in Czech (yeah, there is Google translate, but still ).

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From experience, my recommendation would be not to move to Denmark at all.
Well you are listed as a "German" national here on the forum. I'm not sure if you are a Man or a Woman, but to be honest being a Swiss Men it's total slavery:
- You are obliged to do the army
- If not, you have to pay 3% of your salary every year until 30 (that's 11 or 12 years, not sure) - Minimum 400 CHF I think. So far I think I comulated something like 20'000 CHF
- If like me you aren't fit for the army, you could have the unlucky chance of being thrown in Zivilshutz (and still have to pay the above mentioned tax !)
- With this Corona ****, they decided in the past (and probably will soon again) to deply army and Zivilshutz
- They don't give a **** that I have a dog, I live alone, my health is not good, I don't speak German very well, ... They want that I drop everything to come and serve this **** corrupted country
- Medical care must be the most corrupted system (after USA) on this planet: after abuse of antibiotics of doctors that totally killed my ability to digest most foods, you know what this piece of **** of doctor told me? That it's all in my head and sent to a psychiatrist. Already saw this story, doctors ruining my health and failing to take responsability for their actions. And yeah, oh course you still have to pay for their **** treatment that will **** you up even more.
- I don't have any relatives here anymore, not in Aargau anyway, and I have no intention of going back to Ticino where my father lives. That canton has clearly shown to be ruled by despots during this Corona pandemic
- All my other relatives (mother, uncle, cousins, ...) live in Denmark
- Now with this Corona situation, it makes even less sense to stay here: home office possible from anywhere and no social contact with colleagues anymore (yes sometimes someone is there, but like ... I don't even have a desk anymore in the office ). Doesn't really make you feel welcome in there anyway, if you have to schedule the shared desk with 2-3 other people.
- Only problem I see so far with Denmark is that home office seems to be much less widespread (or accepted) than here. Somewhat strange since there Internet is on average much faster. One of the few requirements for DK is >100m2 and Fiber Optic internet. That cannot be negotiated (I had to live with <5 MBps for 3 years here in Swirzerland before Fiber Optic came - never again).

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It is such an overrated country in terms of quality of life, and Copenhagen must be the most overrated city in the world. As expensive as Switzerland in many ways, yet quality and service of pretty much everything sucks. The short summers can be nice, but for most of the year it is a grey, dull and boring place.

We moved back to Switzerland, and never regretted it for one second.
I don't want to go to Copenhagen, crazy expensive.
I'm more of a countryside guy.

Somehow I feel that the life is (a bit) more relaxed there. Medical care should be better too (or at least you don't have to pay for Doctors and Exams/Laboratory Analysis, you only pay the Drugs basically).

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The thing is, very few people do. But OP might have reasons, career, roots, heart..

I don't stick out there the way I look plus Scandinavia has this poetic and nostalgic charm for me, hipster hygge if you wish...but I never lived there, thanks for sharing, it's valuable. If I could, I'd go to sauna everyday and eat raw fish for breakfast, but that's as close as I get to North. And knitting sweaters.
So far career is not there yet, but due to this Aargau rules (cancel 3-6 months in advance your rent - for me it's 4 months, and you can only cancel 3 times each year) I had to cancel this apartment before finding a new one or even a job. I will get out end of Marche 2021 at the latest (unless I or the landlord finds somebody before that date). Who will hire me 6 months in advance? Everybody expect you to be "flexible" and be their slave and move there, without any money, in a week notice. Well screw that .

Heart and roots are definitively in Denmark. For sure they never were in Switzerland after my parents started divorcing and the house where I was grown up was sold.

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I think OP has his reasons for uprooting to Jutland, I trust him. Swiss abroad, btw, adapt and adjust very well it always seemed to me. As opposed to a fair bit of expat whining we get here.
Well I'd like it to sound as glamorous as you make it seem, but it's more of a resigned fate, kind of "I go back to the place where I can see myself die" kind of thing.

I don't wan't to sound overly depressed, but somehow I lost hope in (most) people. Friends calling you only when they need you, Girlfriends wanting expensive dates, jobs without any fulfillment at all, .... I don't really want that ****.

If I can have some peace of mind in a house in the middle of nowhere with my dog, without the **** government causing me panick and anger attacks every 5 seconds, then so be it. I don't really have many more expectations on the social side, maybe I'm just destined to live with dogs until my end . In these last months I started looking at my synthoms and ADHD was quite high in the list (along with all my Digestive issues). But doctors know much better, right, in 5 seconds they told me that maybe it's not that. Usual speed examinations with wrong conclusions ...

As for career somehow I rather see myself building my own enterprise. Not interested in being treated as a slave for a "job" and then thrown out like a piece of ****, all for just paying taxes and, during unemployement, being treated a second time like a piece of **** being told that you have to accept whatever up to 2 hours away otherwise they cut your unemployment benefits? Blackmailing after blackmailing ... I'm sick and tired of people playing around with my life.

Important: the rant is not against any of you. I appreciated your suggestions. My beef is with Doctors/Physician as well as the Government .
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