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Re: Moving to Denmark: anybody moving the other way :) ?

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Keep writing here. Let us know how it goes..and ton of luck with the move!!!

I'd also get an electric guitar, not just a dog. Nothing in life is glamorous, but only you know how to make yourself happy.

Giving things for free will save you a lot of moving cost. Just load ton on a truck for old folks homes/foyers for kids with no home, etc.
Thanks for your support

I'm not sure how much it would actually save. Define "a lot". I asked my previous moving company how much I would save if I disassemble (and reassemble) all the furniture myself: they told me approx. 5%. It doesn't sound like a lot (well it's approx 1000 CHF over the 20'000 CHF so it's better than nothing but yeah, it's not like 20% or so ).

Even without considering the time to load/unload, just the distance would create a huge cost. The only difference then being if 1 or 2 trucks (and truck drivers) are needed. Anyway the moving company where I asked for an offer wants to send 3 guys, whether is 1 truck driver + 2 helpers or 2 truck drivers (2 trucks) + 1 helper. You're basically looking at 40-50 hours of driving (and maybe 5 hours to load and 5 hours to unload if we're lucky). Just the number of hours for the actual drive makes like 80% of the cost. Of course the "problem" being that I pay huge money because they will be empty on the way back to Switzerland.

They offer the truck with driver at 110 CHF / hour and the helper at 50 CHF / hour.

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Digestion - you could try kefir, it is really good for post antibiotics microbiome restitution.
I totally missed this part when I first read your reply :S.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm currently plant based (not fully vegan since I still have some fish oil and these probiotics, but otherwise yeah). A colleague reccomended this Burgerstein BIOTICS-G (not vegan though). I also heard that all of these probiotics are just expensive pills with little use (since the bacteria die on the shelf anyway). The second stool tests came back a week ago and all bacterias seem to have been wiped out ...

To be honest it's not looking as if the probiotics are working. At the same time I'm quite scared. If I eat the wrong stuff (coconut oil and lots of olive oil mainly), it's like somebody stabbed me in the stomach. Some people can get bedridden for a week when eating the wrong thing, thankfully for me as bad as it is, it's not on that level (yet). But I struggle to imagine a relocation with so little energy. I know I can use the head and put all boxes on "platform with wheels", but that doesn't take care of moving the furniture piece by piece.

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