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Re: Moving to Denmark: anybody moving the other way :) ?

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You gotta do this with a buddy I think. A buddy with a truck. The minute you do stuff through services here which entails human labor it accumulates huge cost. You got time, you sound young, friends are not so hard to find here. It sounds easier to rent a container, reduce to absolute mininum and mail it. I got friends who got overpriced junk on Annibis for years. Life is not about paying overpriced rent or truck space for junk...Toss all and move with your dog. Digitalize all memories.
Somehow you make it sound easy to just drop everything ...
I mean it's not like I have any special attachment to my dinner table or TV furniture (heck I could even get rid of this old TV I don't use since I moved here !), but somehow I still need a buy these stuffs once I get to Denmark.

Or you would rather sell a 120 € table for 20 CHF (if people would pay for it !)?

My desks somehow I would like to keep, but those are quite compressed once disassembled. Mostly a weight problem.

For the closets somehow it's a bit of a sentimental attachment and the fact that they were very expensive to buy, so quite a shame to just get rid of them. The problem being however that you need a 2m50+ apartment/house otherwise these suckers don't fit .

EDIT: the truck buddy I probably would have, he's a trustworthy colleague and friend. The problem is however with this Corona situation. If the border rules change, maybe I cannot count on his support anymore. And since he has family/wife/kids, it's also not so easy to "just" go away for a few days, especially if wife has to go to work and moving needs to happen during the week & working hours (because of **** cross border rules, so that the "Zoll" is open). Plus most people won't be willing to take the risk to get stuck in another country or having to give up their freedom for 2 weeks.

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