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Re: Moving to Denmark: anybody moving the other way :) ?

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As I said I'm quite scared actually. Because it seems quite bad and in some cases, reintroducing these bacterias (only a few straings, e.g. by eating sauercraut) can flare up quite some synthoms. So far I've been having 24h of brain fog and growling (beans/peas/legumes/white potatoes a bit) and sensation of being stabbed in the gut/stomach (MCT oil, coconut oil, lots of olive oil too). All I'm eating is basically white rice, potatoes (not many), oatmeal and sugar ... It's not health food, but if the alternative is being unable to work because the other stuff messes up my stomach, that's no alternative at all.

I'm sorry you also had to go through this .

I also didn't have this kind of problems before going plant based. But that's only masking the synthoms. I already had unexplained fatigue for several years after the use of antibiotics, it just didn't matter too much because all I was eating was basically meat and white rice ...

I am in contact with a Nutritionist in UK over Skype. Let's see ... Somehow I'm just too exhausted to continue putting money and see no results however .

He also (vegan) told me that it might be necessary to have some animal products. I wouldn't be totally against kefir etc, at the same time this is going to a point where it's no longer bearable . It's 6 months I'm surviving on the same 4-6 foods.
Has your UK nutritionist talked about trying a low FODMAP diet? Along with my celiac I’m sensitive to some FODMAPs. Your diet described above is very high in FODMAPs.

Also even if the cost seems outrageous, maybe with low energy it is worth having professionals do the move? Just a thought. You might arrive in your new home much more rested and relaxed, even if there’s a financial hit.
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