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Re: Moving to Denmark: anybody moving the other way :) ?

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As someone with celiac disease and a lot of relatives who spent a long time being very sick before finally being diagnosed ... have you been tested for celiac ? It’s something that often flies under the radar especially in Switzerland. Just a thought, sorry for all you’ve been through and hopefully Denmark is just what you need.

It is definitely hard to sell furniture and things especially at the moment. The second hand market is a bit flooded with average furniture for free or extremely cheap. If you do want to get rid of stuff try a local “free stuff” Facebook group. Where I live in five or ten minutes you have three people in line waiting to get it.
Thank you for your message too

I highly doubt I have (or had) celiac disease. I might be gluten intolerant or also only slightly intolerant. If I was celiac I would have died back in my university days, surviving on pasta and pizza.
That's not to say that it was easily digested or even well digested. As soon as I stopped gluten, stools became "better" (for lack of a better term ) and I didn't have to use one roll of toilet paper to clean (and when eating gluten I would regularly bleed, even though only slightly).

When I was a kid I also regularly ate white pasta. Recently when visiting my mom I also ate white pasta (now that I have these problems): no huge reaction, just some bloating and flatulence, but not even this stabbing sensation I have with oils. I also had brown pasta and bread in the past (although not regularly) and didn't have any huge reaction either.

I don't see a point introducing gluten in my diet since anyway it seems to create *some* issues.

I am currently finding oats to be the perfect balance between minerals, protein and fiber. Potatoes would be great too but they cause some issues at the moment. I guess I'm stuck with grains (oats & rice) for the moment .
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