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Re: Moving to Denmark: anybody moving the other way :) ?

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Has your UK nutritionist talked about trying a low FODMAP diet? Along with my celiac Iím sensitive to some FODMAPs. Your diet described above is very high in FODMAPs.

Also even if the cost seems outrageous, maybe with low energy it is worth having professionals do the move? Just a thought. You might arrive in your new home much more rested and relaxed, even if thereís a financial hit.
Yes. I installed the FODMAP application on my smartphones after his suggestion, thanks .

After I took out flaxseeds from my oatmeal my situation also improved. The blueberries I am not digesting (while taking a stool "sample" I could still see full blueberries - ewwww ) but somehow I still need some vitamin C I guess ...

Concerning my trust in the corrupted swiss medical system ... no.
For several reasons:
- My family doctor in 5 seconds told me that it's all in my head and referred to a psychiatrist. Thanks for nothing, then got some pills which caused huge migraines for a week. Needed to take 4 coffees and a redbull to compensate and get over it
- This means that whatever treatment I take is not covered by my insurance (UK Nutritionist & analysis there are not either)
- My "selbstbetrag" is 2500 CHF and I would like to spend too much in these last 3 months of the year
- Most importantly: whenever i try to ask previous doctors to transfer my "file" to the new doctor (or to me), it's always a joke. They only send 1-2 pages of analyses I already have or sometimes I even got a letter "this is all we have. nothis is kept at the doctor's office" -> nothing attached. And by law they are not even obliged to send you all the "thinking", "hypotheses" and ideas that were discussed. So either I have to tape record every meeting or what's the point? I will anyway have to start from scratch with new doctor, newer analyses, other ideas, etc
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