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Re: Moving to Denmark: anybody moving the other way :) ?

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One should assess the quality of the edu system by one bad teacher and the health system by one bad GP.
That's what everybody says and it's a nice theory.
Maybe I got:
- The bad GP in Ticino
- The bad GP in Geneva
- The bad GP in Vaud
- The bad GP in Aargau (there used to be a nice female Doctor in that office, but now only the ****** guy is left)

And I would say not only the bad GPs, but also:
- Bad Optalmologists
- Bad Psychologists
- Bad Psychiatrists
- (Other Specialists I don't remember, but probably not statistically significant)

So since a canton is a "state" in some sense, you could be right. Statistically speaking I think I could have a higher change of winning the lottery though.

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Danmark might disappoint you.
So be it, at least I can go to the doctor and do whatever bullshit analysis he wants, the state pays for it with my taxes ...
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