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Re: Moving to Denmark: anybody moving the other way :) ?

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If you want good doctors and a good healthcare system, do not go to Denmark. I mean it.
My mother also told me that unless you have something very serious (e.g. cancer, serious injury, ...) the public system makes you wait a very long time. At the same time I don't see anybody so unhappy going to the doctor in my family there . And my uncle that had a private coverage through his employer was also very happy.

The only good doctor in Switzerland is the one I don't have, need or pay.

And to be honest I don't see the point of them in the first place for most of the stuff, if you could just take whatever you think you need from the pharmacy on your own. It's not like they are responsible if something happens or you die or smth, it's just money money money . I can also do unscientific trial & error, stuff whatever thing they think might help down your throat.

Heck it's a much more rigorous and scientific approach in engineering if you ask me .
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