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Re: Trump or Biden .Who you got?

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So basically, what you're saying is, it's a level-playing field then? So where's the problem?

I agree that CNN has lost a lot of credibility, so has the BBC, their somewhat biased coverage on both Trump and Covid has left them permanently scarred, but I don't think that Trump has suffered at all from this. The readership is now strictly along party lines. Btw, I absolutely hate this new stupid website design trend in which videos start automatically without me even wanting to. And Chrome doesn't allow me to disable that nonsense. Both Fox and CNN are guilty of this perversion.

Btw, the only traditional media I still read, and pay for, is the Financial Times. They are quite objective and try to cover all aspects. I read an article last week titled (something like) the case for re-electing Trump. They didn't stand behind him, far from it, but they tried to point to the examples in which he has been consistent with election promises and delivered on them. Something that CNN would rather commit mass suicide rather than publish.
Pretty much, they're all as bad as each other now! Overall, it probably balances itself out in the "damage" it does to President Trump, but that doesn't really concern me as much as the demise of journalistic integrity. Once upon a time you could rely on newspapers to at least give a semblance of the facts.

To be fair, the FT has managed to improve its credibility since the GE last year. Even so, there were times in the last 2-3 years when they just printed utter garbage so long as they could kick Brexit.

The worst thing about the debasement of the press is that this politicisation its finding its way elsewhere. Just imagine that Nature has come out and endorsed Joe Biden. What on earth is a scientific journal doing endorsing US Presidents?! Not only has the press been lost, but we're now in the process of losing science to political alignment.

We're already witnessing the consequences, scientific journals refusing to publish papers that don't conform to the political consensus on topics like herd immunity and masks. This is a very dangerous path we're going down.
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