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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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When reflecting on the British governments vaunted Australian style 'points based system'
to attract the best and the brightest to the UK ( namely those who can boast University
degrees or better to their name ) after closing the doors to EU citizens with lower
or questionable academic achievements and qualifications.

That they say British business is crying out for post Brexit.

You've got to laugh when the 'real skills British business is crying out for'
are like those that can ensure food gets on British dinner tables like meat processing workers.

As usual it looks like 'the real skills shortages' in post Brexit Britain are in jobs that most
Brits reckon are beneath them again !!

BBC News - Shortage of EU Poultry workers could hit Christmas dinner
The complaints about Preti Patels, Australian based points system not attracting the right type
of 'hard working EU citizens' for those jobs the average Brit considers 'too much hard work'
continues to make the headlines in Britain.
Yes the British government are getting desperate and are resorting to evoking the Brexiteers
'wartime spirit' by launching A Dig for Victory fit in a post-Brexit Britain campaign that they
have dubbed 'Pick for Britain' to encourage more Brit's to get their hands dirty for a change
and bring in the harvest.

BBC News - UK farmers need thousends of foreign workers next summer

I'm sure the following video will stir fond memories of days of yore and many rousing wartime
speeches by Sir Winston Churchill for Jacob Rees-Mogg and his congregation in the ERG;
just the ticket for putting the millennials in their place with this TV advert being
broadcast on prime time TV.

Dig for Victory revamped as Pick for Britain recruitment video

Yes it's enough to bring tears to your eyes.
Surely the time has come for Boris to 'circle the wagons' for a bit of herd immunity ?

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