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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Totally get you here. But remember, only 52% of those who voted (so not of the population) voted for Brexit- a Brexit with a great Deal, easy peasy, lots more money for the NHS- they were told it would protect their jobs, increase their salaries, and so much more. 10s of 1000s of those, in the 70+ age group have now dies, and 10s of 1000s of young people who want to be part of Europe and all the opportunities it affords them, are now able to vote. Covid has even 'helped out' in this matter.

Even Rees Mogg has admitted that if there was a vote now, it would never pass as people now realise the massive cost to all and that instead of being free and independent, we will either be totally beholden to Trump, as planned- or totally up s*t creek, having to accept any Deal, at any cost, from EU who will then hold all the cards. A deal much much worse that being in the EU, a Deal much worse than Mrs May's Deal, and a Deal even worse than the one Johnson pretended to negotiate- with fingers crossed in the back, knowing he had no intention whatsoever of going through with it, as he was going to jump on Trump's lap. The UK will end up in a vast mess.

But I agree with you- the EU should just walk away. They tried, by Gaed they tried- Barnier has the patience of a Saint- but enough.
The choice in 2016 was pretty unappealing both ways.

Leave: A leap into the unknown with a near certainty of short term economic damage.

Remain: Stay part of the sinking ship that is Europe. Accept very limited democracy.

Don't presume that all leave voters thought it would be easy. From my observations that is not at all true. I voted with the hope that we become part of the US ecosystem (remember this was before Trump's election). If you have a long horizon, then getting out of Europe makes that much more sense. It is demographically in a bad place and is a high tax, low growth environment. Really unappealing. We have language and culture in common with the US. It is and will continue to be a place with significantly stronger growth than Europe.
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