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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Depends very much is one belives that Europe s a sinking ship. Currently there is only one, small and rather insignificant ship sinking- and that is the UK- either beholden and owned by Trump's USA, or up sh*t creek on WTO rules, having alienated all its close neighbours, having been shown to be totally lacking in principles and prepared to break intenrnation signed Treaties. And across water- thus totally at the mercy of those who may want to make life difficult - who happen to be those we sell most stuff too- fish and agriculture included. And cut aside from international supply chains for our few remaining, and foreign owned industries. And beholden to the foreign owners of all our main utilities, be it electriciy, gas, transport and even airports. I thought that since Raab realised the UK is an Island- most other people would have accepted this too.
Europe has endemic low growth, is heavily indebted and has an aged population with many countries having totally inadequate pension funding (France, Italy). I agree with you the UK has some unique medium-term challenges on top of the general poor situation in Europe caused by Brexit and its exposure to COVID. But I'd still rather be the UK than Italy, Greece, Spain or Portugal. We are still significantly more attractive to high quality immigrants than these places, who are basically basketcases kept afloat by low interest rates.

The best kids in Asia (I am married to one!) don't want to go to Europe - but to the US which is really where you can make it big. Here in Switzerland is attractive obviously, but its a niche. You mention Trump, but he will probably be gone in weeks, and in the worst case scenario a few years. He is not relevant in the timescales I am thinking about.

I acknowledge how rash my Brexit vote was given the total absence of a plan. Almost by definition. But there is a lot of remainer denial about the total mess that is Europe. I don't really want to be part of their ecosystem if becoming more integrated with the US is a possible alternative option. Long term the world is Asia, and its the US. As a continent we are not going anywhere. I'm pretty confident about that. At least I put my money where my mouth is. My investment portfolio has almost no Europe (inc. UK) exposure.

I think I am a few decades younger than you and perhaps that's reflected in the horizon I made my decision over. Incidentally I was already planning to emigrate in 2016 but to the US rather than here. Here worked out better as I would have to restart my career somewhat in the US.
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