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You can rant all you want, you should take the swiss government and their response as a given and learn to deal with it.
Do as you're told, serf, it's not for you to ask questions?
If the government are so marvellous and perfectly in agreement with you, why did they lift the quarantine regulations?
It would be a little more impressive if you presented a decent argument that refuted even one of my points.

Not to worry, I have the change I wanted, will decide over the next few days.

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I agree with many of the points you make- over-protecting the elderly especially those who have very poor quality of life- at the cost of the livelihoods of young people and families- does not sit well with me. And yet, my OH will soon be 75 and is just not ready to pop his clogs- he nearly did 3 years ago- and is very happy and active - but, yes- I get your point.

NOT talking here about lock down- this thread is about holidays, and flying. And I truly believe that can wait for now- and that doing so, unless a real family emergency is just not on, and very selfish.

That seems more of an emotional reaction to me than a rational argument - a bit "no-one else is having fun so it's slightly distasteful of you to consider doing so". Perhaps you're right, I'm not very sensitive to zeitgeists.

Anyway the main reason I replied was to say good luck to the OH, give him at least 4000iu of Vitamin D3 and 40-50mg of Zinc a day, lots of fresh dark greens for the other vitamins and keep him slim and fit - all that together will improve his chances of shrugging the lurgi off hugely. I haven't read the Covid threads on this forum, those points may have been discussed, but the benefits of those two supplements are proven science, proper double-blind trials not bullshit, it's all out there if you look.

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